Via the Fellows Directory (You must be logged in to use this search.)

  • Allows you to search by name, fellowship class, agency, branch, and keyword. 
  • Open the "advanced search" options to also search by home state, policy interests, discipline and host office or affiliation. 
  • Click "read more" to open a fellow's profile. From there you can ask to connect with them, or send them a private message.

Notes on how the search functions:

  • The search is setup to display results based on relevancy. So a search for the keyword Commerce, will also display results for Commercial. Adding quotes to a search will not turn off relevancy.
  • Adding search criteria in more than one field will narrow your results. So a search for the name Levi, and the keyword arms, will display no results. This is because there is no one that fulfills all the criteria.
  • The Host office or affiliation field searches placement records, employment, education, and professional associations. 
  • The keyword field searches address, name, bio, policy interest and area of specialization. It does not search org names.