The following is a snippet from the how to guide posted in the Trellis Help and Support group. Read the full document here.

Creating and engaging in discussions on Trellis is easy. You can create a discussion in any group of which you are a member or you can create a private ad hoc discussion with a selected group of Trellis users. Once it is set up, you will be notified when there are new comments or replies to your  discussion. You can also comment on existing discussions or “follow” them to receive notifications of future comments.

Creating a Discussion

You can create a discussion at any time by clicking the Create + button in the site header and selecting Create Discussion. From here, discussion creation is a quick, two-step process.

First, decide where to post the discussion. You can either create this discussion in one or more Specific Groups of which you are a member or you can share it privately with Specific People to create an “ad hoc” discussion. Once you have chosen where to post the discussion, you are required to add one or more Tags to describe the discussion. Select a tag as you type or add one to the list. Each tag is a searchable tag that will help Trellis users find your discussion. (Note: private ad hoc discussions are hidden in search).

Next, enter a Title for your discussion. Finally, enter the content of your discussion in the Discussion Detail field The discussion detail can include rich text (bold, italics, indents, bullets and numbering).

You can add hyperlinks by highlighting text and clicking the “link” icon from the options above the input field. Then enter your chosen URL and click Ok. You can also embed a video

or an image by clicking the appropriate icon and entering the URL. To Preview your discussion, click the “eye” icon above the input field. When you are finished creating your discussion, click the Save & Complete button. You will then have the option to post this discussion in another group. If you do not want to do so, click “No".

Discussion Notifications

If you have posted a discussion to a group, all members of the group will be notified that there is a new discussion, according to their personal email settings. Then they just need to click the “Follow” icon to track it going forward (or leave a reply, which will mean they are then automatically following it). If you created an ad hoc discussion, those you invited will be notified and will automatically be following it.

Your Discussion Tab

You can see all the discussions you are following by clicking Discussions on the Trellis menu.

The Group Discussions Tab

Each group has its own Discussions tab in the white group navigation bar. Click this to browse all of the discussions posted in that group. Note: If you follow one of these discussions, you will also find it in your personal Discussions tab. If you would like to add a discussion to the group, you can do so by clicking the orange + Create Discussion button.

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