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Note: Events created by group admins will be added to the FellowsCentral calendar in the next phase of development. Stay tuned for that new feature.

On Trellis you can create, follow, and RSVP to events. These can be online events like live chats and group discussions, or offline events like conferences, seminars and meet-ups.

Any member of a group can create a group-specific event, and any user can create ad hoc events to be shared with only select other users, regardless of group membership. Keep track of all events within a group using the group events calendars or browse all events across all groups you belong to from the Events tab in the top level navigation bar.

Creating an Event

Option 1: The first way to create an event is to click the Create + button in the site header and select Create Event.

Option 2: You can also create an event by clicking the orange + Add Event button in the Events section of the site, or from the events tab within a group.

Key Fields

1. Decide who will see the event. You can either post this event in a Specific Group of which you are a member or you can share it privately with Specific People.

2. Type one or more tags to describe the event. Select a tag from the drop-down as you type or add a new one to the list. Tags will help Trellis users find your event.

3. Enter an Event Name and Event Description.

4. Select the location of the event (optional).

5. Set the time zone (optional) and the start and end date (required) for the event. You can also set the event to repeat or mark it as an all day event.

6. Click the Save & Complete button to publish the event.

You will then have the option to post this event in another group. If you click “Yes”, you will enter the discussion creation process again. You can post the event to up to three groups of which you are a member.

Further Questions?

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