This is a snippet of a Trellis How-to guide. Read the full document on Trellis.

Welcome to Trellis, the online platform that is changing the way the scientific community communicates and collaborates. Here are a few navigational pointers to help you get started.

Two Tiered Navigation

1) My Trellis The top, aqua-colored bar in the site header allows you to browse content from all over Trellis. You can see activity from your connections and any group you are a member of in the News feed. Keep track of your Groups, Connections, followed Discussions, personal document Library, and Events using the corresponding tabs.

2) Within a Group Each group on Trellis has a white navigation bar with group-specific content. There is a group-specific News feed, Events calendar, and document Library. The group  menu also includes a Related tab, where you can find “parent” or “child” groups listed, an About tab with details about the group, and an Admin tab that is only available to group admins.

Account Management

Hover over your avatar in the top right of the header on any page to open a helpful menu. From here you can view or edit your Profile, change the frequency of email notifications via your

Communications Center, and change your name, password, email, time zone, taxonomy, or Google Drive connection in Manage Account.

Further Questions?

Contact the Trellis team at