Use this Quick Reference Guide when submitting a travel/training request

Note: The travel/training approval process has been brought in-house and is now powered by FellowsCentral. Bringing the form into FellowsCentral allows the process to be supported by our robust Salesforce integration. This allows for real-time updates and removes the need for another login. Below are the instructions for using this new system.

1. Log in to FellowsCentral

Click Login.

Use your AAAS single sign-on credentials.

2. See all submissions

After you login, you will be taken to “My Dashboard.”

Click “Travel/Training” on the left-hand menu to view lists of your finance records. You will see tables for Travel Expense Reports, Travel Advances, and Travel/Training Approval Requests.

3. Start a new travel/training request

You can submit a new travel/training approval request by clicking the Create New Travel Request button in the Tools and Resources section found both on “My Dashboard” and “Travel/Training.”

Next, verify that your request is going to the right person for approval. Your mentor’s name is shown at the top of the Travel/Training form. If this name is incorrect, please contact your program manager before filling out the form. Let them know that we have the wrong person listed on your placement record. Once they update the database, the correct name should sync to FellowsCentral within 5-10 minutes.

4. Fill out your travel approval form.

All fields are required.

Fellow Information

This is auto-filled. Do not change the email address shown, as this is required to match up your submission with your record in our database. If you put an email address that we do not recognize, your submission could become a “ghost” in the database.

Request Information

  • Categorize Your Request – Select the general purpose of this request.
  • Purpose – Explain the reason for this request, and the name of the event if applicable. 
  • Location – Enter physical location for travel (use “virtual” if online).
  • Travel Type – International or Domestic (use domestic if virtual).
  • Travel Leave and Return Dates - Use the calendar to select the dates when you expect your trip to start and end.
  • Do your plans include personal travel? Select yes or no and include dates if applicable. You are also required to upload a PDF with the comparable cost of the flight without any personal travel added. This is for the original dates and destinations for work related travel only.

Travel Budget - All fields require dollar amounts. Enter integers only. For meals, enter the calculated per diem for your destination and length of stay. Domestic rates | International rates

Fly America Act – Shown only for international travel. Review and sign to confirm that you have read the act.

Additional Information – Include any additional information and/or a rental car justification to help us make a decision about your travel request.

Note: It is understood that you may not have complete details at the time you complete your travel request. Enter the information to the best of your knowledge. If you are not sure of the dates of your trip, enter the earliest possible date for your departure, and the latest possible date for your return.

Click Send Request to Mentor to save your request.

5. Supervisor Approval

When you submit your form, your request is automatically routed to the supervisor listed at the top. He/She will receive an email containing all the details of your request. The email will also include a unique URL that will allow them to approve your request without logging in. This is what they will see:

Notice that they can now ask for clarification/more information. If they check this box, the request will be re-routed to you to make changes to your form. When you click submit, they will be prompted to approve it again.


Your request is considered complete once your supervisor fills out their approval form. It is up to you to make sure your supervisor fills out their form – without it, STPF finance will not review your request. 

6. Withdrawing a Travel/Training Request

If you need to change plans after the travel request has been submitted and approved, or need to withdraw a request, you must contact us at

7. Find out the status of your request

You can see the status of your request on your “Travel/Training” page. Changes to your submission can take 5-10 minutes to sync between our database and FellowsCentral. If you believe there is an error, please contact us at


How do I know if my supervisor filled out their form?

  • If they have NOT submitted their form, then the status will be “Pending Mentor Review.”
  • If they HAVE submitted their form, then the status will be “Mentor – Approved” or “Mentor – Not Approved.”
  • You will also receive an email notification when your supervisor completes their form. 


How do I know if I was ultimately approved?

  • If approved, the status will be “STPF – Approved.”
  • If not approved, the status will be “STPF – Not Approved.”
  • You will also receive an email notification of the final decision.




8. I’m approved, now what?


When you are approved, you will receive an email notification with all the details of your request, including timestamps and pertinent information for both your mentor and STPF finance approval. Do not delete this email, as it is proof of your approval. Print it out. You must append this printout with your TER.