Dashboard Breakdown

Your Dashboard is the landing page for your fellowship, it provides quick links to tools and resources you may need, alerts you should be aware of, messages you have pending, and events you are registered into. For AFPI employees, this page also provides a breakdown of your travel and training funds remaining for your tenure.

Scrolling down on your Dashboard page will reveal quick links to important Tools and Resources you may need during your fellowship tenure. This content is also available on the Travel/Training page for AFPI fellows.

Below Tools & Resources you will find Travel & Training Budget totals for AFPI fellows and a list of events you have registered for.

My Profile

The “My Profile” tab shows all of the information you have provided to the fellowship program and allows you to update and add new information to share with us. You may add and edit: Profile Picture, Contact Information, Social Media Accounts, Dietary Restrictions, professional Bio, CV, Achievements and Awards, Employment (Affiliations), and Emergency Contacts. To restrict what information is viewable to other fellows, visit the Preferences tab in the left hand menu. 

Edit Profile

To update STPF and other fellows on changes, click “Edit Profile” and fill in your new information.


NOTE: Updating your Personal Email address will NOT change your login information. 

Once you have filled out all of your new information, make sure to click “Save” before navigating back to your profile page.   

Reviewing and updating your employment information allows other fellows to connect with you and allows the fellowship program to keep up to date on alum’s success. Updating your profile will change the profile completion scale on the My Dashboard page. 

My Fellowship

The “My Fellowship” tab is where everything about your fellowship can be found. It displays your Program Manager, Mentor, Office Contact Information, Required Tasks, Funding Information, and Placement information for your fellowship. Here you will be able to quickly email your Program Manager or Mentor, submit important fellowship tasks and quickly review your stipend and insurance information for your fellowship year, if relevant. 

Under the My Fellowship tab, you will also find pages with resources on policies, professional development, your fellowship impact plan and ways to get involved with the fellowship program to help more scientists get involved in policy. 


FellowsCentral allows you to make connections with other fellows for easy access to profiles and messaging. Your Connections and Connection requests are housed in the “My Connections” tab where you can also find your Messages. 

To make a connection, visit a fellow’s profile and click the button below their name to send a request.