2020-2021 Renewing Fellows:
W-2s are available for download on Efficenter by logging onto the system and going to 2021 W2 where you are then able to click on the 2021 (or appropriate year) W-2. You will be able to log into Efficenter for three years after the termination of your fellowship to download your W-2(s).

2021-2022 Incoming Fellows:

View Your Form W-2 on TriNet
To view your tax statements, go to Money > Taxes.   To view your Form W-2:
  • In the W-2 Forms section, click Access W-2.
  • Select the tax form and click Download
  • You can use TriNet’s mobile app to quickly and easily download your Form W-2
  • You can import W-2 information directly into TurboTax and use the TriNet discount to save up to $15 on TurboTax federal products.