When you resign your fellowship and are employed through AFPI, include the following information in your resignation email message:

  1. Subject line: Resignation - Your Name
  2. The date your resignation is effective.  Please make sure your last day is a business day (Monday through Friday).
  3. A personal email address and phone number AFPI can contact you after employment ends.  Please verify this information is in ADP (This information is not attached to your fellowship record, it is strictly for the employment portion of this relationship).

Your resignation email message should be sent to your AAAS program manager, Human Resources department (HR@aaas-fpi.com) and the STPF Senior Grant Director (Cody Bridges) at cbridges@aaas.org.  Copy yourself on the message (cc: or bcc: to your personal email address) so you have a copy for your records.