NSF International Travel Policy beginning June 1, 2024

Fellows are required to receive clearance through the NSF Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE) before going on international travel. The clearance provides safety and security in the event of unexpected of circumstances and travelers will be registered with the U.S. embassy while in the foreign country. 

To obtain clearance, fellows planning an international trip should plan six weeks in advance to secure travel arrangements through AAAS, obtain a visa (if required), and complete the following actions for NSF:


The NSF AAAS fellowship coordinator or travel-clearance@nsf.gov will be able to help with questions regarding international travel for AAAS STP fellows.

Should you require a Visa letter, please use the sample below to provide the information needed to complete the request.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the links above are on the NSF server and may be accessed when you are logged into the NSF system. The referenced forms are attached.