Fellows traveling internationally as part of the fellowship should coordinate travel with their mentor and NSF’s Office of International Science and Engineering. NSF’s guidance on international travel provides useful resources, but not all requirements apply to fellows. Fellows are required to follow NSF’s policy on Required Security Training for International Travel. Questions about how to arrange international travel should be directed to AAAS. Questions about how NSF’s international travel requirements apply to Fellows should be directed to oise-travel-clearan@nsf.gov.

International travel presents risks associated with the theft of NSF laptops and mobile devices and the NSF information contained on them. NSF travelers, including fellows, must follow agency guidance for carrying, operating, and safeguarding laptops and mobile devices while abroad.

If a visa is required for international travel, Fellows should contact AFPI for the supporting letter that will state the purpose of travel and the financial security of the fellow. The Fellow will not request their visa under the same letter as NSF employees, even when traveling with them. The foreign embassy will want the travel itinerary as part of the visa request.

When flying internationally on multiple carriers, make sure to have clear evidence of each purchased flight leg. Any person can be denied entry into many countries if they cannot show a clear onward or return ticket.

The information above is available in the NSF Fellows' Handbook.

NSF fellows are required to provide a certificate of completion or evidence of enrollment to STPF with their travel request through the portal on FellowsCentral.

Should you require a Visa letter, please use the sample below to provide the information needed to complete the request.