Please note that these requests require an augmentation to the AAAS grant award.  In order to process these requests, AAAS needs to provide documentation and make the request through the grant portal as an attachment to the grant.


Fellow’s Obligations:

  1. Provide the following information to Cody P. Bridges at at least 15 business days prior to the request in order to ensure AAAS and the NIJ contracting office have enough time to review and approve it.


Outlined below is an example of the relevant information. All items listed below are mandatory and the rational should and may change as appropriate:

Fellow: Last Name, First

Conference Name: XYZ Conference

Dates: Month, Date, and Year

Location: City, Country

Cost Estimate: $3235 (flight, lodging, M&IE and registration)

Flight: $850, Lodging: $975 (~$195 per night + taxes and fees), M&IE: $725 ($145 * 5 days; 0.5 days, 4 days, 0.5 days), and Registration: $685

Rational: The XYZ Meeting is an annual conference of scientists to share, learn, and network. I am supporting xxx projects here at NIJ, and one of my supervisors/collaborators will be presenting his/her work. This meeting will serve as an opportunity to broaden my knowledge about relevant skills and techniques in this area and will be a great opportunity to network with potential collaborators and future employers for career options after the fellowship.


  1. While awaiting approval through contracts: Put the travel/training request into the FC portal and await approval – NO EXPENDITURES MAY BE MADE UNTIL ALL APPROVALS ARE RECEIVED


AAAS’ Obligations: 

  1. Once relevant information is received AAAS will write the official request
  2. Enter the request into GMS and attach it to the awarded grant
  3. Once approved/denied (mentor is notified at this time) – notify the fellow of the approval
  4. Approve the travel/training through the FC portal

Should you require a Visa letter, please use the sample below to provide the information needed to complete the request.