International travel requires clearance which may take several weeks. It is strongly recommended that requests be sent to the EAP Project Officer (PO) 8 weeks before the planned travel date to allow time for the PO’s review and Agency clearance. The steps are listed below:

  • Program participant obtains approval from the mentor to request international travel
  • Program participant completes the international travel request form (provided by the PO) and sends to the PO for review
  • The PO submits complete international travel requests for EPA clearance (this may take several weeks   depending on the backlog of requests)
  • The PO notifies the program participant when the international travel request has received clearance

Program participants who purchase tickets before obtaining proper clearance and approval will be responsible for costs incurred if travel is not approved.

 The program participant must follow policies governing travel under Federal grants and abide by the provisions of the Fly America Act (FAA).

Should you require a Visa letter, please use the sample below to provide the information needed to complete the request.