Handshake Overview

STPF has a Handshake Premium Subscription for the period of November 2019 – November 2020. Handshake Premium is a direct-to-student/alumni/postdoc network communication tool, used to connect institutions of higher education, their students and alumni, and employers. Over 900 schools currently use Handshake, with 200-300 new schools joining annually. They have members representing over 100 MSIs including 40 HBCUs. The total addressable audience in Handshake is 5.4M students and young alumni.


Handshake Login


Web address: https://app.joinhandshake.com/login?requested_authentication_method=standard


Email: Your AAAS email (must already be associated with our account via an admin)

Tip: Be sure you are logging into our STPF account, and not the main AAAS account. Check the image on the left side of our screen for the STPF logo.

Account Admins

Handshake Resource on Employer Roles & Admin Tools: 

Current adminitrators w/permission level (6/9/2020)

Jessica Soule: Owner, Point of Contact

Zack Everett: Administrator

Kat Song: Recruiter

Adding new admin/staff

The account owner should navigate to their name in the upper-right corner. Hover over your name, and click on "Company Settings" from the dropdown menu. On this page you can get an invite link to send to an individual you would like to add as an account admin.

Setting or adjusting permission levels

Select from the following list of permissions. Once someone has created a Handshake account via your link they will appear on this list. Administrators can then log in and adjust their permission settings to the appropriate level. 

  • Administrator
  • Recruiter
  • Hiring Manager
  • Ambassador
  • Deactivated 

Note: "Owner" is assigned by our Handshake accounts manager. They also identify "Point of Contact" for the account, in blue.


Account Liaisons at Handshake


STPF's main points of contact at Handshake are:

Kyle Calder

Customer success manager


Aninditaa Agarwal

AAAS STPF account manager