STPF's Employer Branded Page

To navigate to this page, log into Handshake and select "Company Profile" from the left-hand menu. With a premium subscription you can view the page as a student in any major category - this image below notes that you are viewing as the default company profile.

Outline of Page

 The Premium Subscription employer pages include more dynamic content that is major-specific (based on student’s major). 

  • Company name
  • Visuals (logo and banner image)
  • Video and photo carousel (STPF can select order they display)
  • Position Info
  • Tips for students (words of advice)
  • News articles (limit of 3 articles)
  • Employee Perspectives (alumni quotes) – unlimited number

All content on STPF’s Employer Branded page on Handshake can be found here: 

A curated folder of videos and photos used on this company page can be found on dropbox here:

Handshake's Resources on Employer Pages

Handshake as developed the following resources and tips for employers as they customize their branded company page.