Handshake Resources Related to Posting a Job

How to Post a New Job

  1. Once you have logged in click "Post a Job" from the main menu or left-hand menu bar, noted here with red arrows.

  2. Click the "Create Job" button in the upper-right corner.

  3. Complete the four tabs in the posting. These include the job Basics, Details, Preferences, and Schools you'd like to post the position to. You also have an option to use the Preview tab to see what your posting will look like. All fields are required, save for the fields that state "(Optional)" next to the field name.
    1. Basics
      1. Apply through external system
      2. Job title
      3. Display your contact info to students?
      4. Job type
      5. Employment type
      6. Duration
      7. Is this work study?

    2. Details
      1. Description
      2. Job Roles (from picklist of 350 options)
      3. How many people we plan to hire
      4. Job Salary
      5. Location
      6. Work authorization required? Selecting a US-based job location will prompt a new question: Does this position require work authorization.
    3. Preferences
      1. Graduation date range (or school year)
      2. Minimum GPA value
      3. Majors
      4. Configure who should receive app packages (not relevant since applicants must apply on App Portal, not Handshake)
    4. Schools
      1. Add schools using the dropdown, and you'll see them appear in the table below. Note: if your company has not been approved to post jobs at a school, you will not see that school as an option. If you have not been approved at any schools, you can still create this job and come back later to add schools.
      2. Apply start date - you can choose if you'd like to block students from applying to your job until a specific date.
      3. Expiration date - you can update the date that the job will expire at that school (and students will no longer be able to apply).
      4. Adding a Global apply start date allows you to update the job start date for every school on your list (it will overwrite previously set start dates).
      5. Adding a Global post expiration allows you to update the post expiration for every school on your list (it will overwrite previously set expiration dates).

  4. If you're happy with the job preview, hit save, and it will save and send to the invited schools.