Whenever you are traveling to a USAID Mission overseas and need either unescorted badge access and/or network access at the mission, we need the following information in order to send your clearance information overseas. We will send you an email once your clearance information has been sent to the Department of State and another email when we receive confirmation that the Department of State has sent your clearance to the Mission RSO. After your information has been sent, your Mission POC can confirm with the Mission RSO that they have everything the RSO needs for access to be granted for your visit. Contact fso@aaas-fpi.com with any questions or concerns.  

Please use this secure link to provide the required information: https://securityforms.formstack.com/forms/afpi_foreign_travel_dept_of_state_clearance_transfer

Effective August 24, 2022 - Mandatory DOD Reporting Requirements

*** If you have a current Interim Secret, this still applies to you. Follow all the reporting requirements for a Secret Clearance ***


A recent DOD Directive (SEAD 3) has mandated that all personnel who possess a security clearance have new reporting requirements for foreign travel, foreign contacts, reports against other cleared personnel, and ‘other reportable activities’ to your company’s FSO. Some of the requirements vary based on your level of security clearance.


Please review this interactive guide from DOD to determine YOUR specific reporting requirements based on your level of security clearance:  https://www.dni.gov/ncsc/module_sead3/story_html5.html

 Once you have reviewed the guide, please complete an acknowledgement here:


SEAD 3 Reporting Acknowledgment




IMPORTANT: Effective TODAY – 8/24/2022 
I especially want to highlight the requirement to report unofficial foreign travel because it becomes a federal requirement TODAY. The only foreign travel you do not need to report in accordance with SEAD 3 is foreign travel that is in direct support of an established U.S. government contract, with the ultimate customer being the U.S. (i.e., “official foreign travel”). If your foreign travel does not fit this description, then it must be reported.


If you fail to report your foreign travel, the FSO will be required to submit the trip as a security violation. If it’s not a reoccurring issue, there won’t be any repercussions. However, if you do not report it, and DOD discovers it, they have the right to suspend your clearance eligibility.


Prior to Foreign Travel - Report your trip in advance using the following link:


Upon Return from Foreign Travel – Complete the foreign travel debriefing questionnaire within five business days of returning from foreign travel using the following link:



If you have any questions or concerns, please always err on the side of caution and reach-out to Security at fso@aaas-fpi.com. Thank you!