International Travel

Finalist traveling Internationally must provide a travel itinerary for approval by STPF Finance prior to booking their travel. Please be sure to comply with the Fly America Act when booking flights! The FAA requests that all legs of a trip must be flown on U.S. carriers or code shares (i.e. flight booked on United but operated by Lufthansa). This will not always be possible and there are exceptions to cover this; however, you must get approval beforehand on any exceptions. It is your responsibility as a traveler to make sure your flights comply with the Fly America Act. AAAS is unable to reimburse for any flights not in compliance. Calling a Concur agent (+1-669-272-1434) will lower the likelihood of accidentally booking a flight out of compliance of FAA. With this in mind, please contact STPF’s Fresh Desk with your itinerary before finalizing. The travel agent you work with will be able to email you a “hold” itinerary. Once received, please forward it on for approval before booking. If you require an exception to the Fly America Act you must receive approval prior to booking from STPF Finance Team. Do not rely on Concur for approval for the Fly America Act.

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