How do I request an advance?


Download the form, (located in Tools and Resources  section of "My Dashboard") fill in the requested information and attach  your approval (agency representative and AAAS) including your budget.   Be sure to sign the form (the agency rep does not have to sign the form  as they are approving the travel and that approval is attached to the  request).


How much may I request?


The limit is $5000.


How long does it take to receive an advance?


If you have no prior balances, your request will be  processed immediately and delivered within 15 business days. Deposits  are made on Friday only.


May I request an advance for multiple trips?


You may, but the request should be made on one form  in order to receive one lump sum payment. You may only have one advance  at any given time. You will not be able to receive another advance until  your outstanding advance is cleared. For audit purposes, we must be  able provide the proper back-up documentation, so the amounts,  locations, and dates of travel should match between the advance request  and the TER.


Why does it take so long?


Requests for less than $2000 require one approval;  $2001-5000 two approvals; and over $5001 three approvals and  justification for the amount. It may take up to 15 working days as long  as there is not an outstanding advance or any other financial issue.


What is processing?


Processing entails verification that a fellow has no  outstanding balances for a previous advance, checking to ensure that the  trip is approved, checking the remaining travel/training budget, and  acquiring internal sign-offs. Once internal sign-offs are received, the  grants department reviews requests and delivers them to accounts  payable.


If I deliver my advance request and the  travel expense report (TER) for a previous advance on the same day, will  that clear me and allow for the next advance?


No, TERs take from three to ten days to process and  approve, if the TER is perfect. So if you make a request for a new  advance on the same day you turn in a TER, it will delay your request  significantly.


What is the deadline to clear an advance?


A TER must be submitted within 10 business days of return from travel.