How do I request an advance?

Download the form (below) and fill in the requested information and attach your STPF approval document. Submit the form in Certify and select Advance. Please ensure that you sign and date the form. 

How much may I request?

The limit is $5000.


How long does it take to receive an advance?

If you have no prior balances, your request will be processed and delivered within 15 business days. Please contact us via Freshdesk if you have no received it within that timeframe. 

May I request an advance for multiple trips?

You may, but the request should be made on one form in order to receive one lump sum payment.


What is the process to clear an advance? 
You will not be able to receive another advance until your outstanding advance is cleared. For audit purposes, we must be able provide the proper back-up documentation, to clear the advance.  Please submit an expense report through Certify, including the advance form and the receipt(s) to document payment. Please ensure the amounts, locations, and dates of travel/training match between the advance request and the Certify expense report.  The Certify Expense report must be submitted within 10 days from return from travel/training.