What expenditures need approval?


All expenditures need approval.  Fellows may not  purchase or commit funds for fellowship-related travel and/or training  without prior written authorization from the fellow's agency  representative and AAAS.


What information is needed for approval?


  • Details of the planned professional travel/training.
  • Destination and purpose of travel/training.
  •  Dates of travel/training.
  •  A budget estimate of the expenses to be covered.

The authorization must be received and approved by AAAS before incurring any expense or booking any travel or training activity.


Who or where do I request travel/training approval?


You can file your request from FellowsCentral. On the  "My Dashboard" page, scroll down to "Tools and Resources." There you  will find a link to "Create New Travel/Training Request." This link is a  custom URL for each user. Feel free to bookmark your link,  just remember that you need to be logged in to view the page. A guide to  the new system can be downloaded here: https://www.aaaspolicyfellowships.org/sites/default/files/QuickReference-Fellow-TravelRequest.pdf. We will not provide approvals for travel/training requests that arrive via email.  Please use the system.


What happens if I do not receive approval prior to the trip?


When the policy is not followed, expenditures are the responsibility of the fellow.


When may I book with Concur?


Upon authorization, fellows may use the  AAAS-designated travel agency (Concur) to make flight arrangements, or  may make arrangements using the Internet or direct connection with an  airline.


Fly America Act Compliance - Concur Travel


Please note that using or calling Concur will not  absolve you of responsibility for remaining compliant. If you have a  question, please contact fellowstravel@aaas.org.  Further information on the Fly America Act and AAAS' policy in  reference to your travel may be found in the travel/reimbursement policy  document.


Do I need approval for a rental car?


Yes, all expenditures need prior approval.


How long should I allow for approval?


Please allow two business days. It's usually faster, but plan as far in advance as possible.