What expenditures need approval?

All expenditures need approval.  Fellows may not purchase or commit funds for fellowship-related travel and/or training without prior written authorization from the fellow's agency representative and AAAS.

What information is needed for approval?

  • Details of the planned professional travel/training.
  • Destination and purpose of travel/training.
  • Dates of travel/training.
  • A budget estimate of the expenses to be covered.

The authorization must be received and approved by AAAS before incurring any expense or booking any travel or training activity.

Where do I request travel/training approval?

You can submit a request via FellowsCentral. Instructions can be found here: Submitting a Travel/Training Approval Request

STPF does not provide approvals for travel/training requests that arrive via email.  Please use the system.

What happens if I do not receive approval prior to the trip?

When the policy is not followed, expenditures are the responsibility of the fellow.

When may I book with Concur?

Upon authorization, fellows may use the AAAS-designated travel agency (Concur) to make flight arrangements. 

Am I required to use Concur?

You make other arrangements using the internet or direct connection with an airline.

Fly America Act (FAA) Compliance - Travel

Everyone needs to be compliant. Further information on the Fly America Act (FAA) and AAAS’s policy in reference to your travel will be found on Page 6 of the Travel/Training Policy Document or on Freshdesk here

If you have a question, please submit a ticket to Finance.  

Do I need approval for a rental car?

Yes, all expenditures need prior approval.

How long should I allow for approval?

Please allow two business days. It's usually faster but plan as far in advance as possible.