Greetings and welcome!  Below is a brief outline of onboarding activities that reiterates information provided during transition communications this summer, with some additional detail. 


AFPI Employment provides:

  1. PTO to cover personal leave and sick leave. PTO is given at the start of employment, and it is not accrued.  You receive 21 days of PTO and able to use up to 10 days in your first six months. PTO does not roll-over, nor is it paid out.
    • Bereavement, jury duty and military leave are provided and must be approved (outlined in the AFPI employee handbook).
    • PTO Requests – Initiated through FellowCentral for host office and STPF approval, and also through ADP for employment approval.
  1. Pay dates are the 15th and the last day of each month, and AFPI pays one pay period in arrears. Please see the attachment for examples.
  2. All AFPI employees must reside in DC, MD or VA, and have an associated address in order to be onboarded for employment. Failure to have and maintain a local address means that you cannot be employed by AFPI.
  3. AFPI will issue an email address for each employee. All related employment information will be delivered through the employment address starting September 1, 2022.  Note: You will be able to set up an auto-forward rule within Outlook to forward emails from your AFPI account to an account of your choosing, but AFPI legally must send all employment emails to the AFPI address.
  4. AFPI provides a monthly Local transportation allotment added to your paycheck if employees are physically going into the office. AFPI does not issue Metro cards nor add funding to existing cards.
  5. AFPI allows immediate enrollment into the 401(k) program and there is no vesting period.
  6. Carefirst Health insurance (medical and prescription) and FSA (WEX) are provided directly from AFPI.
  7. ADP houses general HR information (health insurance, dental, vision and ancillary benefits. You will use this system for timesheets, pay and benefits management.
  8. Travel/Training and Career Coaching – Funds are provided by your host agency and administered by AFPI.  
    1. Travel/training cannot be approved by AFPI/STPF prior to the start or after the end of employment with AFPI.
    2. Travel/Training Policy must be acknowledged by the fellow in ADP prior to submitting any travel/training request.  If the policy is not acknowledged, it could delay the request approval.
    3. AFPI will provide a travel/training/reimbursement training session following orientation.
    4. Travel/Training requests are managed through FellowsCentral.
    5. You will be able to see the status of all requests, your current travel/training balance and any past submittals in FellowsCentral.
    6. International travel – An outline of additional instructions/requirements will be located here by the start of your employment.
    7. Concur is our online travel booking system (flights/train) used by AFPI. All flights/trains booked through Concur are paid directly by AFPI.
    8. Reimbursements:

i. Managed through Certify (on-line system to submit expense reports, upload receipts – has an app).

ii. Paid via direct deposit.

iii. Payments disbursed between 30 business days after approval.


The best way to contact us is to submit a ticket on Freshdesk. A how to guide for submitting a Freshdesk ticket is accessible here. Please be sure to create an account!


For AFPI to process your first paycheck you will need to complete federal and state tax, and direct deposit forms online. In the upcoming days you will receive an e-mail from ADP containing a link. Please click on the link in the e-mail and you will be directed to ADP’s secure system. You will be asked to confirm your identity and you’ll need to create a password/PIN to complete the tax, and direct deposit forms online. Please be prepared to fill out tax forms including the federal W-4 and State Withholding Form as well as your direct deposit banking information.

Required forms:

  • Federal Tax Form
  • State Tax Forms
    1. District of Columbia
    2. Maryland
    3. Virginia
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Domestic Partner Affidavit (if applicable)
  • I-9 form and I-9 Instructions (CRITICAL - must be completed by September 5th) - instructions will be delivered by September 1st 


To register for health insurance, you will receive information about BenefitMall, the online system, shortly. If you are registering family members for insurance, you will need their social security number(s) and date (s) of birth.

Health Insurance (CareFirst HealthyBlue) - Please see the CareFirst attachments below. 

For questions about health insurance, please contact

Dental Insurance (Guardian) Please see the Guardian attachment below. For questions about dental insurance, please contact afpi@fosterthom


Please contact us at if you need additional information.

The onboarding presentations will be located here.