AFPI Email Address – all AFPI employees are provided an email address for employment related communication, please check this email daily. All communication related to your employment is sent to this address.


FellowsCentral (Travel/Training and PTO Requests to Mentors and STPF)

  • Within FellowsCentral, review the following amounts for accuracy: travel & training stipend and PTO hours.
  • Travel/Training, Career Coaching and PTO Requests/Approvals –Requests and approvals must be received prior to using any funds or PTO.   There will be no retroactive approvals for expenditures. To receive travel/training/career coaching approval, please log into the FellowsCentral, My Financials and Create a New Expenditure Request. 
  • PTO requests are a two-step process.  Fellows will initiate the request for approval through FellowsCentral to obtain both mentor and STPF HR approval.  You will also add the PTO request to ADP for AFPI HR approval.   The steps are Myself > My Time Off > Request time off.

Example: September Period 1 = September 1-15 

September Period 2 = September 16-30.


ADP (Workforce Now)

  • ADP is the location for all items HR, including your timesheets. Timely completion is a requirement of your employment and not following the guidelines may result in disciplinary actions. 
  • Please note that although you are required to enter PTO in both systems, the official approval will be through FellowsCentral. Your ADP approval will be based on the office/agency and AFPIapproval in FellowsCentral.


FreshDesk (General Searchable AFPI Information and Contact STPF)

  • STPF Finance requires fellows to use the Freshdesk support ticketing system for all career coaching, travel/training, PTO and general employment related questions. 
  • Fellows are encouraged to review the FAQs listed on Freshdesk and submit a ticket to the Finance and Security team with any additional questions. The system is searchable.
  • Telework –Telework training is mandatory annually and you may either take the agency specific or OPM training and provide the certificate to STPF.  Instructions on how to upload the training certificate are located here.
  • Travel: Travel will be allowed in the 2023-24 fellowship year, however due to the current pandemic, there will a few extra steps:
    1. Domestic travel – please allow 3 business days for STPF approval
    2. International Travel – please allow 5 business days for STPF approval
    3. As federal, state and local COVID rules mandate, travel may be suspended
  • International Travel – If you are serving at EPA, NIJ, NSF, or USAID please review the agency specific information
  • Fly America Act – Reminder - Please review this section carefully.  If you do not have a written exception from STPF prior to booking, you will not be reimbursed for the ticket.  No exceptions.
  • Quarterly Lunch and Learn Sessions– Each quarter, we will have a lunch session to answer question, review documents, etc…  Updated information will be posted on Freshdesk.


Concur Solutions – Airline Booking System

  • All AFPI employees have a profile in the Concur Travel system. The profile will be used for both online and phone reservations. 
  • Concur User Guide is located on FreshDesk. Billing codes are updated at the start of every fellowship year.
  • Your username will be your AFPI email address.



  • All fellows are required to submit their expense reports through Fyle. Instructions can be found here
  • If you did not receive the Fyle Invitation Email, please let us know and we will resend it to you. 
  • Note: Please do not submit an expense report prior to the completion of the travel/training Zoom Sessions/ (9/21 OR 9/27 at noon)


Metro Allotment: Will be provided in your paycheck on the 15th and last day of each month.

  • Partial Metro allotment is provided for fellows in the office 1-3 days per week ($45 per pay period = $90 per month)
  • Full Metro allotment is provided for fellows in the office 4-5 days per week ($90 per period = $180 per month


A how to guide for submitting a fresh desk ticket is accessible here, please create an account