Missed the Travel/Training webinar with STPF Finance? Watch the video here. (link is external)

Planning a Trip
  • Read and sign the ‘Travel/Training Guidelines and email them to fellowstravel@aaas.org.
  • Start the approval process by creating a new Travel/Training  request. You can file your request from FellowsCentral. On the "My  Dashboard" page, scroll down to "Tools and Resources." There you will  find a link to "Create New Travel/Training Request." This link is a custom URL for each user. Feel free to bookmark your link, just remember that you need to be logged in to view the page. 
  • Ensure that your mentor approves and AAAS approves. At this stage  you can do some research to get an idea of your costs for the trip and  enter them on the system.
  • If you need an advance to reduce your out of pocket costs please complete and sign the Travel Advance Request form and mail it to AAAS (1200 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005)
  • You may book your flight or train using Concur or a separate website. Please note using Concur will reduce your out of pocket costs since it gets billed directly to AAAS.
  • Make arrangements for accommodations and anything else you may require such as transportation. 

On a Trip
  • Keep the necessary receipts as outlined in the Travel/Training Guidelines.
  • Was your trip delayed? Did an unexpected event take place?
    • We understand that things happen. Simply send an email to fellowstravel@aaas.org explaining the situation. This helps us guide you and provide you with documentation for completing your Travel Expense Report (TER).

Back from a Trip

You must complete your Travel Expense Report (TER) within 30 days of completing your trip. Follow the steps below to ensure you get reimbursed in a timely manner.

  1. Fill out the Travel Expense Report (TER) electronically. (Always download a new form for each trip as the form may change.)
  2. Download the Daily Travel form and complete it for each day for which you are seeking reimbursement.
  3. Attach your Concur itinerary which shows airfare cost and booking  fee. Account for this expense under the ‘Air/Train fare’ column. Deduct  this same amount from the ‘Less: Travel Agency/Other AAAS Advance’ box  located near the bottom right of the TER.
  4. Include your boarding passes. Tape these down to a 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper.
  5. Include all receipts (taxis, metro, hotel, baggage, etc.). You must  tape down receipts on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper unless they are  already in 8.5"x11" format. Account for taxi and metro expenses under  the ‘Other (taxi, bus, car rental)’ column.
  6. Print out the per diem M&IE rates for the locations you visited  and record the rates under the ‘Per Diem M&IE’ column. Please note  for the first and last days of travel you must record 75% of the per  diem rate. You can find domestic rates here and international rates here.
  7. To convert foreign travel expenses into US currency format: https://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ 
  8. For mileage reimbursement, print out and attach a Google map  showing the start and end points along with the total mileage. For the  current mileage rate, please click this link.
  9. If you had a travel advance, you must print off the advance form  and account for it in the ‘Less: Cash Advance’ box located near the  bottom right of the TER.
  10. If you have any additional email communication or comparables, attach it to your TER.
  11. Sign and date the TER with a pen. TERs will not be accepted without original signatures.
  12. Mail your completed TER to STPF Finance at AAAS. We will not accept electronic or fax submissions. Remember to make yourself a copy.

Mail your TER to:
ATTN: STPF Finance
1200 New York Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20005