Planning a Trip
  • Start the approval process by creating a new request via FellowsCentral: Submit a Travel/Training Approval Request 
    • At this stage you can do some research to get an idea of your costs for the trip and enter them in the system.
    • Ensure that your mentor approves and AAAS approves.
  • If you need an advance to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, please complete and sign a Travel Advance Request and submit it using Fyle.
  • You may book your flight or train using Concur or a separate website. Please note using Concur will reduce your out-of-pocket costs since it gets billed directly to AAAS.
  • If you need to provide comparable information, please use to show all the possible options for your trip.
  • Make arrangements for accommodations and anything else you may require such as transportation. (Please note preferred seating is not reimbursable)

While on a Trip
  • Keep the necessary receipts as outlined in Travel & Training Policies and Guidelines.
  • Please note a receipt should show:  Who the vendor is, What items were purchased, Date the items were paid for and What method of payment was used.
  • Was your trip delayed? Did an unexpected event take place?
    • We understand that things happen. Simply send a support ticket explaining the situation. This helps us guide you and provide you with documentation for completing your Expense Report.

Back from a Trip/Training Completed

You must complete your Expense Report within 30 days of completing your trip, (or ending your training) . Follow the steps below to ensure you get reimbursed in a timely manner.

  1. Use your Fyle account to submit reimbursement requests.
  2. Upload your Concur receipt ( or whatever airline you used), which shows the full flight itinerary, the total airfare costs and any booking fees.  
  3. Include all receipts (taxis, metro, hotel, baggage, etc.). Upload all of your receipts. 
  4.  Please note: The first and last days of travel will be recorded at 75% of the per diem rate. These are known as your "Travel Days".  They are calculated based on the per diem for the location you are traveling to. You can find domestic rates here and international rates here.
  5. To convert foreign travel expenses into US currency format, please attach a currency converter of your choosing.
  6. For mileage reimbursement, print out and attach a Google map showing the start and end points along with the total mileage. For the current mileage rate, please click this link.
  7. If you had a travel advance, you must attach the advance form and direct deposit notice you received showing the full amount received.
  8. If you have any additional email communication or comparables, attach it to your expense report.
  9. Use the instructions for Fyle to complete your expense report.

*Turnaround time is 30 days from the date we receive everything that an Expense Report must include.*