The following policies and guidelines have been  developed to meet federal requirements for financial oversight of  government-funded programs and to comply as closely as possible with  both AAAS and government travel procedures.


General Policy


AAAS will reimburse Science & Technology Policy  Fellows for the actual expenses of pre-approved travel and training that  are reasonable and necessary for the conduct of fellowship-related  business. Caution and good judgment should be exercised by travelers  when incurring business expenses. Fellows are expected to use reasonably  economical lodging, meals and transportation that will meet their  requirements, with due consideration to per diem safety, comfort and  scheduling.


AAAS will not reimburse any expenses that exceed the  original travel/training allocation of the fellowship, unless the host  office provides additional funds via a change to the funding instrument.  A fully processed funding modification is required before the start of  any fellowship-related travel or training that will exceed the amount of  funding available (written or verbal approval is insufficient;  documentation of the fund transfer is required). The addition of  travel/training funds to a fellow's account must be initiated and  processed by the fellowship host office.  All reimbursements are subject  to final approval from the AAAS grants department.


Reimbursement Deadlines


Travel & Expense Reports (TERs) should be filed  for all travel and training – no exceptions. TERs with all required  documentation must be filed no later than 30 days from the conclusion of  the trip/training activity, or within 30 days following the end of the  fellowship, whichever is sooner. AAAS cannot reimburse for any expenses  incurred beyond the end date of the fellowship. Fellows will be required  to take financial responsibility for any fellowship-related expenses  that are not submitted for reimbursement with all required documentation  by the 30th calendar day following the end of each fellowship year  (September 30th).  There will be no exception for reimbursement requests received after September 30th.


 Fellows who extend for a shorter period or who  depart the fellowship early for any reason must submit for reimbursement  with all required documentation by the 30th calendar day following the  date their fellowship terminated.)  There will be no exception for reimbursement requests received more than 30 days after the fellowship termination date.


Reimbursements take up to 30 business days to process.




Fellows may not purchase or commit funds for  fellowship-related travel and/or training without prior written  authorization from the fellow's host office point of contact (POC) and  AAAS. You will need to log into the FellowsCentral (link is external) to complete your request(s).  We will not provide approvals for travel/training requests that arrive via email.


The agency approval is through the aforementioned  system and will trigger AAAS to provide subsequent approval.  Approvals  may take AAAS up to 48 hours from the time we receive approval from the  offices. The authorization must be received, and approved, by AAAS  before incurring any expense or booking any travel or training activity.  Failure to follow this stipulation will result in the fellow bearing  the burden for costs not approved.


Fellowship-related travel and training should be  planned as far in advance as possible to ensure timely authorization.  Upon authorization, fellows may use the AAAS-designated travel agency  (Concur) to make flight arrangements, or may make arrangements using the  Internet or by direct connection with an airline.


Travel Advances


Each advance is limited to $5000 and you may only  have one advance at a time. Travel advance amounts must be round  numbers. If you request an advance for multiple trips, the request  should be made on one form and you will receive one lump sum payment for  the requested trips. No subsequent advance will be granted until your  previous advance is reconciled. To learn more about advance  reconciliation please contact    


Reimbursement Documentation


Reimbursement is limited to authorized fellowship-related expenses incurred during the  fellowship. Such expenses are those incurred by the fellow in  performance of authorized fellowship duties, including travel and  training activities (e.g. conferences, courses, workshops) that the host  office POC deems to be fellowship-related and that receive approval  from AAAS. Only allowable costs will be considered for reimbursement  (see allowable costs section below). To be reimbursed for an expense,  the fellow must:

  • Provide documentation of advance authorization for the expense (see requirements, above).
  • Submit a signed expense report detailing the costs  and proof of payment (document with original signature and receipts is  required).
  • Provide additional documentation as outlined below.
  •  Must account for all expenses on one TER  (one submission per trip). If you do not claim all expenses on this  submission you have forfeited the reimbursements. No addendums or  additional TER submissions will be accepted.

To avoid delays in processing expense reports, fellows must follow these protocols:

  • Use the Excel TER document provided by AAAS.   This allows the expenses to be calculated by the spreadsheet.  Hand  written forms will be returned. 
  • Maintain a personal log of expenses while traveling.
  • Attach receipts to an 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper.  Attach all sheets to the Travel & Expense Report.
  • Receipts and documentation from international  travel must be converted to U.S. dollars. The U.S. dollar amount should  be written on each receipt. 
  • Documentation of the exchange rate used must be  provided with the travel reimbursement form.  Acceptable documentation  includes ATM/currency exchange receipt and/or an on-line exchange rate  for the travel date in question.
  • Double-check totals. 

Proof of Expense


All expenses must be fully explained and supported by original itemized receipts. These requirements include:

  • Rail, bus and airline ticket stubs. DO NOT use  PDA electronic boarding passes.  These types of boarding passes, which  are downloaded onto PDAs and cell phones, cannot be printed out for the  reimbursement/verification process.
  • Itemized receipts for all purchases, excluding meals.
  • Proof of payment, as evidenced by cash receipt, credit card billing statement or copy of cancelled check.
  • Explanation for unusual items or costs that may not be self-explanatory.
  • If original receipts are not available, fax or  photocopies may be acceptable; however, an explanation for the missing  receipts must be provided. AAAS may decline to accept non-original  receipt documentation.

If an original receipt is unusual or not  self-explanatory, the traveler must provide a brief note of explanation  and details of the expense. If original receipts cannot be obtained  (acceptable only in rare cases) the fellow must provide an itemized list  of expenses with the reimbursement form.


Internet Purchases


Internet purchases should be treated as any other  purchase; the same documentation requirements apply. When making a  purchase via the Internet, be sure to print the receipt for the item  purchased and provide it along with proof of receiving the item or  service, and proof of payment.


Conference/Event Registrations:

  • Name of attendee.
  • Name of conference.
  • Amount paid and list of items purchased (e.g., registration, meals, pre-conference workshop).
  • Dates.
  • Proof of payment (bank or credit card statement, receipt, or front and back copy of cancelled check).

Other miscellaneous non-travel purchases:

  • Name and address of vendor.
  • Name of purchaser.
  • Date purchased.
  • Itemization.
  • Amount paid.
  • Proof of payment (bank or credit card statement, receipt, or front and back of cancelled check).

Allowable Ancillary Travel Expenses


The following expenses will be reimbursed if reasonable and necessary for travel:

  • Cost of obtaining travelers' checks or foreign currency.
  • Laundry/dry cleaning while on business travel – only if travel extends beyond 8 days. You must provide an itemized receipt.
  • Telephone calls related to approved business activities (and personal calls if they do not exceed one brief call per day).
  • Internet access/use of computers, facsimile or  scanning charges, and mailing/shipping expenses for fellowship-related  activities.
  • Parking charges at hotels in cases where use of a  rental car has been approved in advance, or when personal car  is used  for business travel.
  • Immunizations and certain required medications (e.g. malaria pills).
  • Visas and passports – only  in cases when the  fellow does not already hold a passport and is required to travel  internationally for fellowship-related business.
  • Medivac insurance.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses


The following types of expenses are considered  personal in nature and therefore are non-reimbursable (not allowable).  This list is illustrative but not exhaustive; it is intended to help  provide clarification.

  • Alcohol (plus the associated taxes and tips.
  • Books and other reference materials (unless required by an approved course, workshop or trip).
  • Software (unless required for an approved course or workshop).
  • Personal amusement, recreation, or entertainment.
  • Theft or loss of personal property and money while traveling.
  • Sightseeing tours.
  • Medication and other personal care items.
  • Haircut, manicure, shoe shine.
  • Use of gym, sauna, steam bath, massage and similar facilities.
  • Hotel and in-flight movies.
  • Rental or purchase of clothing items or other equipment.
  • Traffic violations/parking tickets.
  • Childcare.
  • Boarding of animals.
  • Lost or stolen travel advances.
  • Costs incurred by spouse or personal guests.
  • Laundered garments not related to professional use. 

Helpful Hints


To ensure a smooth and quick reimbursement process, follow these tips and detailed instructions below:

  • Sign the form with a pen.  Electronic signatures are not permitted.
  • Attach the Concur invoice (the PDF, not the basic email itinerary) which shows airfare cost and booking fee.
  • Include paper boarding passes - do not use electronic boarding passes.
  • Receipts must be original and itemized – a credit  card slip from a restaurant that does not show the actual items is not  sufficient.
  • If claiming mileage, print out a Google map showing start and end points, along with the total mileage.
  • On the TER, use one row per day for expenses.  Let Excel do the addition for you! 
  • Use the daily form and travel expense report checklist for easy organization.
  • Mail the form and all supporting documentation to AAAS. Faxed and emailed forms are not accepted.