Career Coaching Travel/Training Request Instructions

Career Coaching services are being offered as part of the fellowship professional development program. Requests for career coaching are handled through FellowsCentral. Request procedures are similar to traditional travel/training requests, with a few additional steps.  

How to submit a Career Coaching Request:

1. Select the "Professional Coaching" option for Categorize your Request.

2. Fill out form:

Purpose of Request

Must include name of Coaching Organization (ex: Mary Crane Associates, KONU LLC, etc.) brief description of coaching service sought (ex: Analysis & Feedback, etc.), as well as an estimated time frame of completion

Disclaimer: Any requests for Resume/Cover Letter, Recruitment/Employment coaching will not be approved.  Please refer to the SOW instructions for allowable, AAAS approved coaching services.


Total Cost of Coaching Services

Enter the total estimated cost based on all services rendered. Total request, not to exceed $2500 (maximum of $2000 for coaching services and $500 for third-party tools). Any additional costs (transportation, meals, etc.) are not permitted for reimbursement.


Coaching Start/End Date

Official date in which coaching sessions are to take place, must correspond with Statement of Work.


Please upload your Statement of Work…

Please upload the required Statement of Work (SOW).  Requests without an attached SOW will not be approved. See SOW instructions for guidance on how to prepare an SOW.


Once submitted, your request will be routed to your mentor for preliminary approval. STPF staff will then review for final approval.